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What is a QME evaluation?

QME stands for Qualified Medical Examiner—a.k.a. a certified doctor chosen by the Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) Medical Unit to assess your workplace injury. A QME evaluation is, therefore, pretty much the same as a regular medical exam.

QME evaluations will only happen if there’s a dispute between you and your employer over workers’ compensation benefits. Once a QME evaluation is requested, the DWC will randomly generate a panel of possible QMEs to determine the extent of the work-related injury. During the evaluation, a QME will assess your injury and medical history to determine whether you have any permanent or long-term disabilities as a result of your injury, and what future medications you may need. This report ultimately decides the amount of compensation you should receive.

If you feel your workplace injury or illness is worth more than your employer is willing to provide, you can always request a QME by filling out this form from the DWC website. Just be aware that if the exam goes badly (i.e. you provide false medical information), you may have ruined your chances of a favorable workers’ comp settlement. The key is to prepare well in advance and be as honest as possible.

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