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Hostile Work Environment

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In California, a hostile work environment usually means that sexual
harassment is present at the work place and is distracting to the
victim’s day-to-day work activities. Sexual harassment may come in
the form of touching, sexual jokes, inappropriate comments, and
asking for sexual favors.

When a hostile workplace lawsuit is filed, the courts may consider
the following factors:

  • Is the harassment based on a protected characteristic such as
    age, gender or race?
  • Frequency of the harassment
  • Severity of the harassment in the workplace.
  • Whether the harassment distracted the victim from their work
  • Were there witnesses to the harassment?
  • Were the incidents of harassment reported to management and
    how did the employer respond.


Remember unpleasant work environments or unfavorable job
responsibilities do not rise to a hostile work environment. Most
employment in California, if not under contract, is employment-at-will
which means your employer can fire you for no reason. But if you
think you have been subject to an unwelcome sexual harassment
then you may wish to file a hostile workplace lawsuit.

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