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Wrongful Termination

Workers Compensatiolnals

If you’ve been terminated from your job for reasons that you
think are improper then your employer may have done
something illegal.

There are a number of reasons for being fired which are
improper,wrongful, and illegal. These include:

    • Discrimination – this is when you are fired due to your race,
      gender, or age. This happens all the time and it’s illegal.
    • Reporting something illegal. Also called a whistleblower. A
      whistleblower is someone who alerts a government agency
      about their companies illegal activities. If you are a target by
      your company and are fired for reporting such activities then you
      may have been illegally terminated.
    • Retaliation. If you’ve been terminated as punishment for
      reporting an action then you may have been terminated as
      retaliation. For example, if you report your boss to HR for
      wrongdoing and your boss in turn then fires you this may be a
      case of retaliation. This is also the case if you report your
      company to a government agency for an illegal activity.

If you believe you were fired without proper cause you may have
been wrongfully discharged. Contact the Workers Compensation
Group today.

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